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Want a list of targeted telemarketing leads?


Thousands of businesses already trust our top-of-the-line data portal for all their phone lead lists. With thousands of demographic filters, a simple system, and outrageously low bulk pricing — Our clients have improved their phone lead creation capabilities and dramatically reduced their cost per lead, all while maintaining or boosting overall conversions! What is our data portal exactly?


In short, It’s a complete turn-key solution for creating telemarketing lists. Within minutes of signing up you get access to MILLIONS of regularly updated and filtered records. You select your own target demographic, and our portal creates a custom phone list for you. Don’t just take our word for it, Get your free quote, and start to use on our data portal today. Fill out the form on the right to get access to our data portal.


Telemarketing Data Portal Highlights:


  • Cheapest price per record on the market
  • Easy-to-use system
  • Complete Customization of Demographic Filters
  • One-on-one, unrivaled support 
  • Pull MILLIONS of records in just seconds
  • Pay Per Lead- Only Purchase What you Need Right Now


  •  Million record database updated monthly 
  •  Files export into convenient excel format.
  •  Simple to Purchase Additional Credits


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“I was surprised at how simple the portal was to use. I’m now on an automatic rebuy: 5,000 credits every 2 weeks. It’s how I find all my new customers. My sales team would kill me if I ever stopped using you guys.” 

Larry Jones

CEO, Arkiteck Webware

“I was looking for a way to cut marketing costs without hurting conversions. This is the perfect solution for us. We were able to maintain a large volume of b2b leads without going over budget, and our conversions have stayed consistent. I’ve been very happy with my experience thus far.”

Jackie Lawson

Chief Marketing Officer, N2itive Solutions Inc.

“Seriously the easiest telemarketing list buying process EVER. Maurice is the BEST. I’m making double the sales I was making before, because I can target these lists to fit my sales goals.”

Tony Mathews

Salesman, Hanson Solar Solutions

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