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Build your own custom lead list for your call center. Our unique data portal gives you access to millions of records that can be sorted by hundreds of demographics filters. No matter your industry, you can create top-notch, custom-tailored phone lists, email lists, or mailing lists in minutes. 

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Call Centers and Sales Teams

If you have a call center or sales team, and you need fresh, targeted leads to call– Look no further. We have the perfect solution for sales teams and call centers alike. Learn More

Business Owners

Cost-Effective and Simple, our data portal is the ideal solution for business owners. If you want to find new customers and build your brand’s reach, our tool is the perfect place to start! Learn More

Lead Resellers

Struggling to fill lead requests from your clients? Our data portal is ideal for the active lead reseller. Our portal is affordable, easy-to-use, and wide-reaching. Use it for your clients or use it for yourself. Learn More

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Data Solutions


We provide an unparalleled solution to all of your data needs. If you want to create a list of leads our data portal is the way to go. In every test, our data portal beats out competitors. In ease-of-use, cost, quality, and versatility–Our data solutions are bar none. 


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.Sales Leads and Call Center Lists


Want access to an unlimited pool of regularly updated consumer and business leads for your sales team or call center? Our data portal is full of top-quality sales leads for your sales team, and millions of records to create customized call center lists. 


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Business Leads


Looking for B2B leads, new business leads, or leads for YOUR business? Our database is full of high-quality B2B Leads that you can target to your ideal client base. If want pinpoint accuracy on your next data list, we outpace the competitors every single time. 


B2B Leads and Business List Solutions  




Reseller Solutions 


If you’re a lead reselller, we’re known as the the Industry’s source for reseller leads. Why? Low cost leads = Higher payout margins. Beyond that, our data portal allows you to pull leads when YOUR clients need them. No need to wait on us. With thousands of different filters, our data portal can become your primary source for leads for your clients.


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Who Is Instant Call Center Lists 


We’re veterans and leaders in the lead generation and data list space. We are a division of Lead Research Group, an award winning digital marketing company. We boast high-quality, low prices, and a wide reaching client-base. 


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We have the best targeted database on the market. With thousands of filtering options, we help our clients consistently target their ideal customers every day. Our cost is low, and our quality is unmatched. Contact us today! No credit card required. 


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With Instant Call Center Lists’, unique data portal, you have all the power in your hands. You can easily create-your-own telemarketing lists, email lists, or mailing lists. Once you’re in, you build the perfect lists based on all the qualifications you seek.


  •  Pull thousands of names and contact information in secondsdata portal
  •  Customize your lists based on demographics
  •  Only pull and pay for the information you need.
  •  Simple, easy-to-use system
  •  ENTIRE, million record database updated bi-weekly
  •  one-on-one support and simple re-buy system
  •  Files export in easy-to-use, excel format.
  •  No complicated system to learn.
  •  Lowest price per record on the market.

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